Custom your own


With our custom design service you can customize your carpet 100%, you only have to choose the size, collection and colors, and a team of designers will assist you to create it.

In each project our group of weavers select the best sheep wool, spin it by hand with a spindle or spinning wheel, dye it with natural pigments extracted from flowers, bark of trees and plants or mineral dyes and finally weave it in traditional looms from the north Argentinian.

Throughout the process we adhere to the rules of fair trade and environmental care so that each carpet is created in a sustainable context.




22 SQFT MINIMUM (2M2 APROX) or 260 usd in many Salar Collection pieces / 726 usd in many Sierra or Valle Collection pieces

Salar Collection 21 USD /SQFT from 75 sqft 19 USD /SQFT
Valle Collection 33 USD /SQFT from 75 sqft 30 USD /SQFT
Sierra Collection 33 USD /SQFT from 75 sqft 30 USD /SQFT